Gather around for episode fifty-nine of The Presentation Boss Podcast! The use of storytelling in any presentation is powerful. But never moreso than in the art of persuasive speaking. That is, giving a presentation to convince an audience of something. Whether you’re selling an item or an idea, asking them to make a decision or consider recommendations.

While the stories we use could be about our own personal experience, they can also be of a previous client, from a customer experience or even just out of the data we’re presenting. Whichever we choose to use, there are three key aspects that we must consider to have effective and cleverly crafted stories that achieve the purpose intended. And that purpose is to appeal to the emotions of our audience and persuade them into a way of thinking.

What You’ll Hear About:

Scenes: Creating a time and a place for your story to take place and allow your audience to ‘see’ what is happening.

Stakes: This is the answer to the question “Why should my audience listen and remain interested”

Message: A story is a vehicle to deliver a message, and knowing what the message is enables you to tell more crafted, considered stories.

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