Who We Are

Blue Box is Australia’s leading Data Storytelling training provider.

We equip your data-driven team with the tools and skills to communicate complex information clearly, and drive business change.

We do this by helping to identify a key message, tell compelling stories with data and design effective visuals to share insights with stakeholders.

In 2017, we started as a more holistic presentation skills company, but being nerds ourselves, always gravitated towards clients who were technically-minded, and struggled not only to stand up in front of others, but also needed help to get the excellent information that was in their head out in a way that others could understand – especially those who aren’t as numbers-focused.

We leaned into our aviation and analytics backgrounds and knew pretty quickly that the world of data storytelling was where we belonged.

Our training is fun and practical, and always up to date with best practices in data storytelling & presentation design.

Meet the Team

Kate Norris

Kate is an experienced data analyst with a background in finance and safety analytics. Her story begins when still at university, she was the first data analyst in the safety department for an electrical distribution company. It took many terrible presentations to realise that there was a huge gap between understanding of the data as an analyst, and communicating the business value of these insights. She worked for a decade in data before making the switch to helping other analysts communicate successfully.

At Blue Box, you will find Kate coaching and workshopping clients real-time projects, implementing the Data Story Success Model™ directly into the teams’ work. She aims for concise, story-driven reports and presentations.

She lives on the Brisbane bayside with her husband, 2 kids, 2 cats, and she spends a lot of time upside down in a handstand.

Thomas has a history in aviation, after school undergoing pilot training for several years around Queensland. His training in the classroom offered ‘Death by PowerPoint’ which he vowed to remove from the world. He also developed the skill in the cockpit of working out which information coming at him was important and vital for flying the plane, and what was not needed at the time.

He is driven to help all clients feel proud of their work and how it is presented. At Blue Box you’ll find him running our workshops in person and online. An energetic and inclusive trainer, he delivers tools and strategies to convey important information for action. Usually with some bad jokes thrown in.

A proud environmentalist, Thomas is a lover of exploring the outdoors, so on the weekends you’ll find him up a mountain, or volunteering in an Ocean Crusader’s boat removing rubbish from local waterways.

Thomas Krafft

What’s Blue Box?

In 2024 we updated our name from “Presentation Boss” to “Blue Box Data Storytelling”.

“Presentation Boss” was always a placeholder name that stuck around far longer than intended, and it was time to shift our name to align with what we actually do – data storytelling.

So much data is presented in the equivalent of a discrete brown paper bag; indistinguishable from countless other reports and decks. You want your data insights to arrive in a way that is clear and stands out from the noise; a bright blue box!

The name Blue Box was also inspired by our desire to create a brand that embodies simplicity, clarity, and creativity. While the box in our logo started as a design choice, it carried over as a symbol of the space where data transforms into stories, where your message finds its true voice, and where insights become business decisions.

And the blue, associated with trust, wisdom, and calmness, reflects our commitment to providing reliable and insightful data storytelling services.​