Celebrate episode one-hundred of The Presentation Boss Podcast! We’ve made it, folks, all the way to our goal of 100 weekly episodes of our podcast. A commitment to sharing the best skills, speeches and experts with you for nearly two years. And in this triple-digit episode we are bringing some flair, ninja skills and hidden features of PowerPoint that will impress your audience (without distracting from your effective preparation).

Thomas spends a fair amount of time staying up-to-date with PowerPoint and finds use for features that most don’t even know about. This episode is best listened to if you can play along with PowerPoint in front of you while we walk you through seven secret PowerPoint tools that will make your presentation look creative, professional and have your audience asking you how you did that!

100th Episode Celebration Details:

This is where the most up-to date details will be of our celebration drinks. Kate and Thomas will be inviting the guests from the show and having a little gathering in Brisbane. We understand travel is hard, but if you’re a listener from Brisbane, we’d love to meet you.

Lock into your calendar the evening of 9 April. We will update here when we know exactly when and where.

In This Episode:

• Kate and Thomas briefly discuss our milestone of reaching the centenary of episodes

• The best transition available that is under-used and makes slides not look like slides

• Where to natively find a massive resource of stock icons, photos and unconventional shapes

• How PowerPoint is implementing features from Canva, Google Slides and Prezi

• Adding and using 3D models to your slides

• The internal AI that will build your slides for you – in one click!

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