Let’s kick off episode ninety-seven of The Presentation Boss Podcast! A few weeks ago, Kate had a conversation at a social function and spoke to two individuals who confessed they avoid speaking and presenting at all costs, even though they know it holds their careers back. Naturally, she asked some deeper questions and found the reasons, fears and excuses they have that have them avoiding speaking up.

That list of fears is five common reasons both Kate and Thomas hear frequently. And while they are real in the mind of some people, we know that they are constructs, and sometimes just an excuse. Speaking can be hard, but holding your career back is hard too. Let us help you identify what may be going on in your head and sort out what’s real and what’s not.

In this episode we walk through those five speaking fears, and how to crush them with a little mindset shift. No more avoiding public speaking and presentations; here’s the tools to really get you over the hump of sweaty palms and sleepless nights!

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The Five Biggest Fears:

2:11 – “What if I’m not good?”

The worry that your audience will judge you and/or you’ll look unprofessional.

3:57 – “What if someone criticises me?”

The fear that you’ll receive negative comments and be made to feel awful.

7:17 – “But it’s not necessary for me to speak; I have nothing unique to share”

The idea that you need to create new and exciting ideas before you can speak at all.

10:14 – “I’m not at all qualified to speak; what right do I have to take time and attention?”

The concern that you’re unworthy to share your thoughts and knowledge on a given topic.

 12:07 – “What if I go entirely blank when presenting?”

The anxiety around not knowing how to ensure your talk is clear enough in your mind.

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