Have a laugh on episode ninety-six of The Presentation Boss Podcast. We have another guest expert interview discussion. And today it is with a name that has sat on Kate’s bookshelf for years, and a Queensland local too. Marty Wilson is the author of More Funny, More Money all about how to incorporate humour into your business speaking – and why you should do it.

 He’s a past pharmacist, stand up comic and now a speaker on resilience in change. In this enjoyable conversation, Marty re-affirms loads about what we already thought of speaking with humour, but also drops some fantastic new tools that both Kate and Thomas will be employing as soon as possible! This episode is all about getting serious about humour!

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About Our Guest

Marty Wilson is a resilience expert who has spoken to over 1000 inspirational people about how to live well – through the good times and the bad.

Marty is a pharmacist turned award-winning advertising copywriter turned stand up comic turned bestselling author and speaker. He has spoken to over 500,000 people since he first leapt up on stage in 1997. Within 12 months Marty appeared on The Footy Show and travelled to the UK to become a full time standup.

He returned home in 2008 and now lives in Noosa. He is the author of More Funny More Money which is about using humour in business to get more influence, more engagement, and more

What You’ll Learn:

• A way of using the stories you already know and tell in a business setting
• The psychology of why audiences will love you for using humorous stories and jokes
• Why being serious isn’t the opposite of humour.
• How to mentally prepare yourself for humour that doesn’t work
• How to recover if your joke goes really well, or not well at all
• When you should separate yourself from your presentations, and how
• Three reasons you need to be including humour in your presentations.

Mentioned In The Show:

Scott Dikkers’ Books

• Marty Wilson’s Book; More Funny, More Money

• Marty Wilson’s speaking website

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