It’s the last of the double-digits here on episode ninety-nine of the Presentation Boss Podcast! This week we had a conversation with an expert from New Zealand on presentation skills, audience engagement and facilitation. He reached out to us after listening to the show, promising he had something to offer. And Johnny Quinn, the presentologist has loads to offer.

As it turns out, this conversation made immediate change to how Kate and Thomas present their workshops and masterclasses. We cover a lot of ground in this show, delving deep into not just why audience engagement is important, but what it means, and some actual tools to achieve it. Plus, how this translates to the online medium, and some techniques around the use of PowerPoint. It really tickles all our favourites!

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About Our Guest

Raised and educated in Ireland, Johnny Quinn arrived in Dubai in 1996 determined to make the difference between presentations that fell flat, and those that sealed the deal. After several years with Philips Middle East he started AudienceAlive Dubai, and then in 2015, expanded the operation to beautiful Queenstown, New Zealand.

In 2015, Johnny added to his worldwide portfolio and expanded his business to cover Australia and NZ. He understands you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression, so wants your presentation to realise its full potential.

Since 2001, Johnny has provided custom presentation services for over 500 local and international clients resulting in over 25 000 slides and too many bullet points to count! Johnny’s creativity and professional design experience will result in an effective presentation with impact.

What You’ll Learn:

• What does ‘audience engagement mean’ and how to tell if you have it

• The techniques you can use to engage your audience and build interaction

• How to check you have your audience listening if your presenting online

• How we can use ‘the wisdom of the room’ to work smarter, and improve learning outcomes

• That one thing about PowerPoint, that if everyone knew, would do Johnny out of a job

• The biggest mistakes people make when it comes to presenting data and slides

• Some of the tools to build interaction into online meetings

Mentioned In The Show:

• Johnny Quinn’s Website

• James Surowiecki | The Wisdom of Crowds

• Presentology and Audience Engagement Solutions Download

• The Ultimate PowerPoint Guide Download

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