Hold on for episode ninety-eight of The Presentation Boss Podcast. Here we’re listening to a talk from the internet and pausing as we go to evaluate, make comment and highlight what the presenter does. We’re looking at a new type of speech; the Ignite Talk. A 5 minute speech where every 15 seconds the slides (which are prepared by the presenter) automatically advance. And we’re familiar with this talk, as Thomas has given one himself.

This is a fast-paced style of speaking. And this particular example is a beautiful execution of the style. In fact, it’s such a clear message and concise delivery that Thomas and Kate both use the message in their vocabulary and training. And both of them think it’s one of their favourite talks of all time. It’s not without flaws though, and comments are made about pace and language choices. Lots to learn and listen to here! And spoiler alert, the talk isn’t really about eating bananas.

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What You’ll Learn
• Exactly what an Ignite Talk is, and that time Thomas presented one too

• How opening with a story builds interest and grabs attention

• The difference in preparation between a 10-minute talk, and a 5-minute talk

• Being careful to align language and humour use to the audience

• Use of explicit language in a talk; if and when it is ever appropriate

• Why your conclusion should be the most powerful part of your speech, and how.

Watch It Yourself:

Mark Cohen | How to Eat a Banana

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