What’s going on? Here we are at episode sixty of The Presentation Boss Podcast. We know you’re probably still at home a lot, especially if you’re listening from the USA. And with so many students unable to have a graduation ceremony, NBC put on a special event for virtual graduation. The selection of speeches have been making their way around the internet and Barack Obama was one of them.

Honestly, Kate and Thomas have been looking for an excuse to analyse an Obama speech, and this 7-and-a-half minute example is perfect. Every time we poll our workshop participants on examples of great presenters, Obama is mentioned every time. And honestly, how could you disagree? In this episode we play his speech to the class of 2020 and look at exactly how he delivers and why he is admired as a speaker.

What You’ll Learn
• How having a personal brand is important, and important to bring to your presentations

• The value of a clear, articulate voice

• Building contrast into a presentation to help emphasise key points

• Why you should incorporate empathy and respect to your audience as a leader

• A beautiful three-piece structure, and use of headlines to delineate each segment

• How using your hands when presenting can be indispensably powerful

• The difference between inspirational and motivational speaking.

Mentioned In The Show

Barack Obama’s Virtual Commencement Speech To Class Of 2020: ‘This Is Your Generation’s World To Shape’

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