Let’s get cracking on another episode of The Presentation Boss Podcast – episode fifty-seven! And we’re back with another speech breakdown. This TED Talk was recommended either by Kate or by a listener, that slight detail has been forgotten. But it is a topic close to both hosts, especially Kate who is a productivity and efficiency nerd (her words!). We listen to Rary Vaden’s talk and pause several times to highlight what he is doing that works in favour of his delivery and a couple things that we feel weren’t the best choice.

Interestingly, Kate experiences a very different reaction not only to Thomas about this talk, but to how she felt about it the first time she listened many months ago. While the audio is a bit iffy at times, listen out carefully for the pacing and repetition choices displayed in this presentation.

What You’ll Learn
• The importance of respectfully calling out obvious delays to an event’s agenda

• A tactic of beginning a speech by stating and disagreeing with common assumptions

• How to use a story to deliver an important point plus grab at your audiences emotions

• The value of a purge or pattern break using humour

• Why you might need a visual display, even for simple concepts

• How niggled Kate gets when comparing money to time!

Mentioned In The Show

• Rory Vaden | How to Multiply Your Time

Episode 54 with Gerald Pauschmann

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