Alrighty, let’s get into episode thirty-nine of The Presentation Boss Podcast! We’re doing another Speech Breakdown and we’ve found a beautiful, concise, short example of an idea worth sharing. Thomas first came across Derek Muller via his youtube channel many years ago and was pretty happy to see he had a TED Talk too. Watching other speakers and presentations with a mind for evaluation is one of the greatest tricks to becoming a better speaker yourself.

Kate and Thomas do have an interesting conversation around if the message is clear and if the talk is too abrupt and not explicit enough – we’d love to hear your thoughts on this! But, there’s some great psychology around education in this talk, so it’s well worth listening to. So, let’s click play and break down another speech!

What You’ll Learn
• How asking a question gets your audience into the right mindset in your introduction

• Using both voice and facial expressions to convey passion and excitement

• Editing out the vast amount of background research in a scientific talk

• A tactile option for demonstration and animation of a concept

• Why you don’t need fancy software to display graphs, charts and numbers

• How your slides can add to the atmosphere, tone and personality of your presentation

• The danger of using words that are more complex than necessary

Mentioned In The Show
• Derek Muller: “The key to effective educational science videos”
• Derek Muller’s youtube channel: Veritasium

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