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Thomas Krafft

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Thomas is a Presentation Coach, Speaker and Co-founder of Presentation Boss.

His teenage years were spent instructing his fellow air force cadets and his adult life speaking to varied audiences. Fun is his primary weapon and he uses it to break down all walls of nervousness and doubt.

He comes armed with deep presentation knowledge and understanding, built from dedicating years to speaking skills, PowerPoint design, and coaching others to improve their own presentation skills.

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Upskill Your Team!

PowerPoint Audiences Are People Too!

PowerPoint is everywhere. Every person has used it and we have all experienced ‘Death by PowerPoint’; the endless click and read, click and read. Such simple software to use, yet anybody can be guilty of putting together a PowerPoint presentation that actually detracts from their message.

So how do you effectively design and use PowerPoint so it supports your presentation and ensures your message is communicated and even enjoyed? It can be done, and it can be done easily by you!


When and why to use PowerPoint – the background psychology you can exploit!
The simple steps that make a massive difference to the effectiveness of your PowerPoint design
The considerations you need to be aware of when using PowerPoint Ignite (1) - Copy Get In Touch For More Details

Custom Keynote or Workshop

Thomas is available to deliver a custom keynote or workshop for any organisation who wants to increase their communication skills.

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