How To Request Training



Articulating the value and benefit of training that you’d like can be difficult. So, if you’re interested in Presentation Boss, here is some inspiration on how to request training for yourself/your team.

Hey (Awesome Boss)

I’m writing to ask for your consideration to upskill our team in data presentation with Presentation Boss.

Presentation Boss’ course offers super practical, interactive and engaging lessons in data presentation and visualisation, with a great embedding program to ensure the skills are implemented.

It is a great mix of online training that can be done in our own time, plus live coaching to hone our skills, as well as weekly [optional] sessions online that we can attend with any questions, and bring our presentations and reports to for continued improvement.

This isn’t just about making charts pretty; this is about understanding the psychology of data communication that results in more engaged and inspired stakeholders.

Here are the ways that Presentation Boss’ course will immediately impact my role and projects:

  • It will improve my confidence as a presenter. Confident presenters help create confident stakeholders, and trust is critical to getting our insights acted upon.
  • It will improve my productivity. The Presentation Boss strategies are designed to save time preparing reports and presentations so that I can spend more time on critical projects.
  • It will improve my design skills. Data design is a critical component of my role as [ROLE] in helping our stakeholders extract maximum value from the insights we present.

I believe this training would especially help me with these projects:

  • [project]
  • [initiative]

Here are the ways that [COMPANY] would benefit long-term:

  • More productive employees
  • Decreasing miscommunication and issues that arise from miscommunication
  • Get drafts approved quicker due to needing less revisions

I could help share my new skills by hosting a dedicated Lunch & Learn session to relay the learnings to team members who may not be able to participate using my newly minted presentation skills.


Here is a small sample of the praise that Presentation Boss’ training has received:

“I feel so much more confident asking my managers questions until I understand what they actually want, rather than just keeping on giving them every graph that they ask for. It’s saving me so much time!!”

“Having a structure helps me sort everything in my head out and work out the order to give a presentation in and helps me stay on track when I’m presenting.”

“I am more confident giving presentations and not as scared when people ask me things in the middle of presentations.”

I truly appreciate your consideration; the sooner I sign up, the sooner Presentation Boss can help us.

You can learn more about Presentation Boss at

I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you!


Kind regards,