PowerPoint Design

PowerPoint Design

“If the speaker makes sense without the PowerPoint,

leave the PowerPoint at home.

If the PowerPoint makes sense without the speaker,

leave the speaker at home”


Visual communication is important in any presentation. There is a lot to consider such as the intended purpose, how it will be displayed, the redundancy effect, alignment, size and contrast, animation and movement, emphasis and of course, branding. Get it wrong and slides will lead to Death by PowerPoint; they’re distracting to the audience and a destructive crutch for the presenter.

In an environment where the software is used without the care and mindfulness of the intended audience, PowerPoint can hardly be uttered without being followed by sighs of dismay. But, people are visual creatures and often there is information that we must show the audience. And so slides must be highly visual and supportive of the presentation as a whole.

Here is a few examples of the PowerPoints we’ve created for clients in the past. The predominant style follows the philosophy of ‘what do I have to SHOW the audience’ leading to a minimalist and visual design, putting maximum attention onto the presenter.

Slide Redesign

Here we identified the purpose of the slide and stripped all unnecessary elements. The result was a powerful, striking slide.

(Slide across for before & after designs)

Highlight & Context

Internal communications can result in slides that necessarily require a lot of detail to be displayed. This was an example where we demonstrated the difference in highlighting the most important aspects while retaining the context of the entire graphics.

Slide20 Slide21 Slide22

“Clearly experiencing the skills that you had to confidently, yet respectfully, and empathetically provide feedback; I engaged you to deliver corporate presentation skills to our consulting team.The feedback was great and we noticed a steep change in how the team present and engage with customers and prospects through storytelling, visuals and the use of PowerPoint. Thank you from the COINS AUSTRALIA team.”


Carla Wall

Managing Director, COINS

Slide Pack Consistency

This pack was created for a main-stage keynote to an international audience. The client had a multitude of slides with no consistency or design focus. We used his branding colour palette to create a cohesive, minimalist and professional slide pack.

Mark Hunter Original3 Mark Hunter Original4 Mark Hunter Final3 Mark Hunter Final4

“Thomas was able to extract the essence of what I wanted to say. What I ended up with was a very professional presentation that… stood out in its simplicity. It stood out in a way that it complimented what I was saying in a very effective manner.I would recommend Thomas for not only his knowledge, but also for the way that he and I worked together to create what I needed and what I wanted so that I could deliver the best presentation I could and serve the audience that had come to see my work.”


Mark Hunter

World Champion Public Speaking

Simplicity & Branding

This client was using a standard template that didn’t match her branding, and was text heavy. She still wanted the talking points and wanted to incorporate the toy plane into the slide. We split the text to create mind space and animated all points so they showed up individually during the talking points.

FIT Before FIT After1 FIT After2

Working Within Templates

Sometimes it is requested that a template is used. We strive to keep the integrity of the organisation and the template design, while still making the slide visual and presenter-focused.

Standalone - Donna 1

Slide Design

This was used as a header for a presentation. It’s for my own presentation, but I love this design. We had a busy image and the fault line creates a subdued effect.


Webinar Slide Design

Webinars are viewed not on a big screen, but close up, and often need to display a bit more information. Therefore they are designed to incorporate more text, careful to ensure animations support the attention of the viewer.

Web3 Web2