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Giving You The PowerPoint Advantage

How to take your presentations from adequate to awesome by using these simple strategies.

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Essential knowledge for leaders who are looking for a structure to quickly create engaging and stress-free presentations.


To show you how to prepare for your presentations in less time, with more attractive slides and kill ‘death by PowerPoint’ to improve your engagement, confidence and have you feeling in control.


The Message Refiner System

Learn how to take the information you know and determine what exactly you need your audience to understand.

Give your ideas the best chance at survival, action and being remembered long after you’ve finished speaking.

The Slide Detox

Learn what your slides need and don’t need in order to prevent your next presentation being another dose of ‘Death by PowerPoint’.

Keep your audience engaged in what you have to say and have them listening right to the end.

The Numbers Never Matter Philosophy

Learn how to liberate yourself from having ‘too many slides’.

Present information to your audience without overwhelming them while still maintaining all the detail they could ever ask for.

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Image by William Gordon Photography

Thomas is a presentation skills coach, speaker and co-founder of Presentation Boss.

He has a passion for helping tech-based teams, leaders and individuals and loves to help them leverage their storytelling, communicate with purpose and deliver un-boring PowerPoint visuals.

Having worked with everything from TED speakers to large government departments, he’s a slide design evangelist, a licensed pilot and is 6’6” when not sitting in front of a webcam.

Combine this with a refusal to be anything other than his kind-of-dorky self, he can help you own the stage.. like a boss.

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Some Nice Things People Have Said About Our Training…

“Thomas was able to extract the essence of what I wanted to say. What I ended up with was a very professional presentation that… stood out in its simplicity. It stood out in a way that it complimented what I was saying in a very effective manner.”


“I really liked the structure that you bring and some really good lessons that I can now use in any of my future presentations, short or long. It’s been great, thank you”


“Thomas positively and confidently helped me develop my storytelling and speaking skills, resulting in me delivering a heartfelt speech to over 150 people. My speaking career in 2019 has lifted and seen me MCing, speaking on panels and delivering further speeches. Thank you.”


“I engaged Thomas to deliver corporate presentation skills to our consulting team. The feedback was great and we noticed a steep change in how the team present and engage with customers and prospects through storytelling, visuals and the use of PowerPoint.”


“I learned a lot of presentation skills, in particular I learned how to prepare a presentation in a very short amount of time. Now I feel a lot more confident in going out there and presenting myself, give that clarity that people are looking for, and how to make sure that what I’m communicating is understood by the people in the audience.”
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