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Everyone wants their data to help inform business decisions.The greatest minds can have the best insights, but if they’re poorly communicated, no change will happen.We help people present actionable insights with clear messaging, great visualisations, and a persuasive storyline.

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Data Storytelling Training

Empower your team to present their insights in a simple, organised and visual way to inspire action.

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Presentation Design

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Play Video Play Video We decided to use Presentation Boss to enhance our team’s ability in the storytelling behind the data analysis. With the abundance of data in today’s businesses it can sometimes be challenging for those working with data to articulate key messages for stakeholder engagement, buy-in and strategic decision making. The feedback on Kate and Thomas’s sessions were excellent. Participants felt that the approach to being able to critically analyse and receive feedback on their own current reports and presentations provided a high level of relevance and value. The opportunity after the initial sessions to reconvene each month and apply learnings  was also seen as distinctive to previous training, and created excitement in having an ongoing support team to embed the learnings.Participants left the sessions inspired and would definitely recommend the course to anyone who wants to improve their data storytelling and presentation skills. peter

Peter S

COO, finance industry

Firstly thank you for the insightful training sessions with yourselves and I can say that I have immediately applied some of the points we’ve discussed in my reports. Really valuable and more than the CPD, your sessions are authentic skills development. 

I have gradually implemented your suggestions in my weekly report to the business (I began by removing the grid lines in my graphs and changing colours as a start!). They do make sense, so really they are very helpful suggestions. 

 Hope to speak to both of you soon and I’m sure all of us have applied what we learned to our reports and presentations.

Justin T

Management Accountant, Attendee

I’d like to congratulate you on being such a pleasure to work with. I engaged you to deliver corporate presentation skills to our consulting team. The feedback was great and we noticed a step change in how the team present and engage with customers and prospects through storytelling, visuals and the use of PowerPoint. Thank you from the COINS AUSTRALIA team.You positively and confidently helped me develop my story-telling/speaking skills, resulting in me delivering a heartfelt speech to over 150 people. My speaking career in 2019 has lifted and seen me MCing, speaking on panels and delivering further speeches.


Carla Wall

Managing Directors, COINS

I had the pleasure of working with Thomas at a time when I felt that I really needed to brush up on my presentation skills. What I received was a complete tear and rebuild, threw out preconceived ideas of what works and doesn’t and started from scratch. The course outline and content was very well presented and easy to incorporate.Thomas is an excellent coach and speaks with authority and explains/answers questions with actual examples. Both myself and business partner agreed that the course was of tremendous value and we will be using Presentation Boss for all of our staff training on presentation preparation and delivery moving forward. Highly recommended!


Nic Denham

CEO, ApparelGenius

“What an awesome job you did. Have had attendees catching me all afternoon to say how good it was …surprisingly good as they usually hate this softskill stuff. Well done. I can recommend Presentation Boss.”


Peter Floyd

Director Operations, QLD Department of Agriculture & Fisheries

“Thomas was able to extract the essence of what I wanted to say. What I ended up with was a very professional presentation that… stood out in its simplicity. It stood out in a way that it complimented what I was saying in a very effective manner.I would recommend Thomas for not only his knowledge, but also for the way that he and I worked together to create what I needed and what I wanted so that I could deliver the best presentation I could and serve the audience that had come to see my work.”


Mark Hunter

World Champion Public Speaking

“As an event founder, MC & Auctioneer, my task list was copious for our inaugural Elixir Gala Ball to raise funds for R U OK day. More importantly, I had many generous sponsors that I needed to fulfil. Presentation Boss were my absolute saviours! They created a sleek & attractive PowerPoint presentation that was displayed on all screens throughout our function during the night. I literally saw my sponsors smile as their logo was displayed in elegance on the screens. I strongly recommend Presentation Boss for their professionalism & efficiency. They produced a professional product which strongly assisted me & my event. Thank you PB! You saved me.”


Chadwick Harding

Founder, Elixir Gala Ball

The Presentation Boss Podcast

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