Helping technical minds to communicate data clearly and concisely

Ever left a presentation and thought “that was interesting, but what next?”.

Or, find your team presenting good information but never seeing decisions and changes made?

Clear data storytelling is a key driver of organisational data literacy, as it is the step that enables stakeholders to understand what data is telling them, and understand the potential value of the organisation’s data.

Data storytelling training creates visual, verbal and written clarity from participants, decreasing misinterpretation from stakeholders and rework for the team.

Stakeholders value clear information for informed, confident decisions. They want to understand the relevance of the details to the story context.

Participants will develop the ability to:

• Question the business case for communication and think critically about what is being asked.

• Create a compelling data story tailored to a specific audience, with strong key messaging.

• Formulate action-driven insights and future-focussed recommendations.

• Apply best practise to data visualisations to maximise stakeholder comprehension.

• Clearly convey data insights and recommendations to non-technical stakeholders.

• Present information in an engaging, succinct and actionable way.

Who Is It For?

For teams who communicate using data, in written report form, dashboards or verbal presentations. Whether your function is analytics, engineering, safety, accounting, marketing, or other information-heavy department.

We work across industries with private sector and government departments, in large and small teams.

How Do We Do It?

One-off workshops are easily forgotten. So, we use a strategy of information and implementation, to ensure not just best practice education, but include ongoing support to embed learning and ensure long term success.

What Software Do You Work With?

We’re software agnostic! Excel, Power BI, Tableau… We work with them all, because data storytelling is about insights and communication, not where to click. The skills learned are applicable to every software package.