We’re in the charts for episode ninety-five of The Presentation Boss Podcast. In this episode, we took another look at the most-watched TED Talks of all time, where we’ve played before and today chose to tackle the number four on that list. Brené Brown has become a worldwide-known speaking name with a PhD, Netflix special and known for her message of vulnerability, authenticity and courage.

This talk is her original TED Talk and has recently turned 10-years old. You’re about to listen in to a masterclass in storytelling, data presentation and self-reflection. It’s a talk to make you think and feel good. One of Kate’s favourites, you’ll learn much about careful word choice, pacing and using stories to present research. Listen in as we play the talk and pause to make comment on noteworthy examples of what Brené Brown demonstrates in this warming talk.

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What You’ll Learn
• Use of conversational, accessible and un-complexed language

• Disguising ethos and credibility inside narrative

• The constructive use of filler words such as ‘um’

• Why it’s important to be extremely selective about what data to include in a talk

• An important phrase to never use if you don’t want your audience to feel they’re missing out
• Which topics you should create humour about in your presentation

• How use of some memorisation techniques manifests during a presentation
• Whether or not you should signpost the segments of your talk

• If visuals make sense without a roadmap, and what slides add to a presentation.

Watch It Yourself:

Brene Brown | The power of vulnerability

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