It’s a battle on misinformation in episode ninety-four The Presentation Boss Podcast! Kate and Thomas hear a lot of advice about speaking. Some of it is awesome. Some of it is average. And some of it is between entirely wrong and toxic. No doubt this advice and ideas is shared with the best of intent and comes from the right place, but we just know it to be wrong and unfortunately, unhelpful to recipients.

So, in this episode, we list the five scariest myths when it comes to speaking and presentations and discuss why they don’t work. And we also discuss the best alternatives you should be doing instead. And we totally have a good giggle along the way; this is a fun episode!

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The Myths We Bust:

00:46 – “Practice in front of a mirror”

03:17 – “You should only have 20 words per slide” and “You shouldn’t have more than 10 slides”

06:54 – “Just be authentic”

09:41 – “Imagine your audience naked”

12:07 – “One day you’ll no longer be nervous at all”

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