Prepare for discussions on episode ninety-two of The Presentation Boss Podcast. In this episode, Kate and Thomas take a look at a TED Talk all about persuasion in presentations – yes it is a bit meta, but we love the double-whammy of knowledge you’ll see here. There is a lot to learn here, from excellent use of visuals, careful placement of humour and of course, how to be more persuasive in your communication.

While Kate introduces a numerical rating system here, Thomas disagrees with the idea that this talk uses vocabulary that is less accessible than it could be. The simple message however, is clear and well communicated. These are the talks we love to see – great examples of presentations with discussion evolving from what we see and hear.

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What You’ll Learn
• A perfect time to use PowerPoint to help your audience visualise data

• The value in starting your talk with a story and intrigue

• Why sharing learning through storytelling is more entertaining and embeds learning
• How having hypotheticals that are too similar can be difficult
• Beginning your stories abruptly using a time and a place setting

• Exactly where to add humour into a presentation

• Embedding information and data within a narrative or story
• Being super mindful of your choice of language and discourse depending on your audience
• How to be more persuasive in your presentations.

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Niro Sivanathan | The counterintuitive way to be more persuasive

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