Set sail for episode ninety-one of The Presentation Boss Podcast! Kate and Thomas had a conversation about what makes a great speaker. And eventually agreed that there are a number of exercises they each consciously implemented (some many years ago) that became habits and have definitely improved their skills. In all the guest interviews, these same or similar habits have been mentioned too. It’s clear then, that even when not speaking, there are habits you could develop in this new year that would make you a more confident and comfortable presenter – no matter your skill level.

There’s five suggestions in this episode. All are simple to implement. And honestly, doing any of them imperfectly would be a great start to building the habit and becoming a better presenter. We know though, with a little conscious effort and discipline, they’ll become an easy habit that is forever improving in the background. What’s not to love!?

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Matthew Dicks | Homework for Life

Steal the Show Podcast

SpeakUp Storytelling Podcast

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