Time to reflect on episode ninety of The Presentation Boss. One of the proudest products of 2020 for Kate and Thomas was the quality of this podcast. And that was hugely driven by the fantastic guests who agreed to be on the show. Regardless where they were in the world, we managed to reach out, get connected and record. Each of them is an expert in their field, and most we’ve both followed for years.

What an amazing opportunity to have these conversations where they’ve generously given their time and shared their priceless advice. Seventeen guests overall, and in this episode Kate and Thomas share their favourite snippets from some of them. The lessons that stuck the hardest or were most memorable. Kate, Thomas, a guest.. why not pull up a fourth chair and listen in as we listen back on the year.

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Episodes we listened to:

Episode 40: Grant Baldwin

Episode 86: Vinh Giang

Episode 64: Nolan Haims

Episode 43: Andrew Tarvin

Episode 68: Colin Kinner

Episode 74: Scott Stratten

Episode 83: Chris Huet

Episode 49: Neen James

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