It was a massive year for The Presentation Boss Podcast and we’re talking all about it in episode eighty-nine today. It’s convenient, as hindsight is always twenty-twenty! Kate and Thomas sat down to reflect on the year behind us, how the business changed, what the weekly podcast achieved and where we’ve pointed for the next twelve months. This is always the time of year to set goals and we’re sure some of our learnings will be valuable to you too.

“If I asked you what was the biggest news story from 2019, or 2018, or 2017, or almost any other year, there’d be some debate. But not in 2020.”

Covered in this episode:

• 2020 was a year unlike any other, but it afforded us some great opportunity to change. We explain exactly what fueled that and what it has meant for you listening to the podcast

• The world’s biggest working from home experiment affected us too, and while online isn’t the same as in-person, it gave us all a new skill and we share exactly how it’s best leveraged

• What we have planned for the year ahead, both for this podcast and in the business. And it’s not all about us; we’re totally making stuff too!

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Mentioned In The Show

• Thomas’ Ultimate Guide to Online Meetings: How to Stay in Control Online

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