It’s summer holidays on Episode eighty-eight of The Presentation Boss Podcast. In our last episode, we shared our best techniques for kids to get going with their public speaking. Today we chose to double-down by breaking down a TED Talk delivered by a child. And then we tripled down as we have Kate’s eldest daughter, Felicity age 6 also in the studio to share her thoughts of the talk too. Our first ever break-down guest!
We know one of the best ways to become a better speaker is to watch other speakers. And today’s talk is short, super sweet and simple but still displays some of the core foundations of what makes a great talk. Plus we get to hear the insights from Felicity on what her young mind sees when she watches this TED Talk.

Prepare to learn all about sea lions, protecting sea mammals and a lovely metaphor for turning a bad experience into positive action. All from a speaker aged just 8 years old. Should be a quick and easy listen while you enjoy your end of year break!
And yes, Thomas knows he accidentally called this episode 89 in the recording. A resolution for him in 2021 is to learn to read spreadsheets better.

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