It’s the end of the year for episode eighty-seven of The Presentation Boss Podcast! And with the world population of kids and students home for the holidays, Kate and Thomas figure it might be a good time to share the basics to help them get ahead in their speaking skills. The newest generation has such an advantage as they grow up in this connected world, but presentation and public speaking skills are just as critical, if not moreso than ever. And already, Kate is seeing how education around speaking is changing with her first-grader.

Here’s what two millennials wish they knew when they were the age that Gen-Z is now.
Kate and Thomas could not have had more different experiences in early life with speaking, which they share in this episode. Then cover the methods that are worth practicing to build the confidence and foundations for future speaking brilliance. Kids who speak better become adults who speak brilliantly. So, have a listen and if you have kids in your life, why not consider sharing this episode with them? Twenty minutes is a nice investment to feel great speaking, and do well in that next oral assignment.
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The topics we cover:

• Why the ability to speak with clarity and confidence is so important

• The reasons Gen-Z will easily become the leaders and changers of our world

• Our greatest fear, and why we ought to never mention it to kids around us

• Four foundations to ensure every presentation from here until forever just rocks

• The three habits to build so your speaking improves faster than those around you

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