It’s just a nice time on episode eighty-five of The Presentation Boss Podcast. In this half hour together, we’re watching a TED Talk that was recommended to us by a listener and doing a live breakdown. Both Kate and Thomas love this talk for it’s effectiveness, efficiency and simplicity. You’ll hear the quote “This talk doesn’t waste any words”.

Should you know of a speech that we should break down on the podcast, we’d love you to get in touch. But right now, listen in for how Dan Ariely keeps a talk moving, gets the audience involved and adds humour to his otherwise data-driven talk.

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What You’ll Learn
• How to call out distractions early in your presentations

• The use of conversational, interactive questions early in a talk

• Why repetition of a key point emphasises your message for the audience

• Being aware of generic pronouns and how the use of them can lead to confusion

• Metaphor use and why it is so powerful for reducing friction

• Building humour by setting up expectations and not ruining surprise

• If you don’t have time for detailed transitions, what you can do instead

• When a simple slide can assist when you’ve got a few ideas active

Watch It Yourself:

Dan Ariely | How to change your behaviour for the better

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