Warm yourself up for episode eighty-four of The Presentation Boss Podcast! This entire episode was inspired by a single comment Thomas made when he noticed in a business presentation some beautiful slides. Kate inquired what the differences are in the design of average slides compared to awesome slides. And the answer is some surprisingly simple techniques that will take you no time at all to implement.

In this episode we cover exactly what those few steps are that you can start doing right now and make sure your slides look different (and better) than the next guy’s and have that bonus ‘wow factor’! It’s a few clicks in the set-up, a small mouse wiggle and careful addition of some storytelling techniques. It doesn’t get any better than this.

We discuss what to do with your hands when you:

00:50 – The genesis of this entire discussion and why we asked what makes a great PowerPoint

01:44 – Where to start, the basic set-up of your slides to keep you out of simple design traps

08:25 – Two simple design tips to make you look professional and deliberate

15:27 – A simple philosophy to make sure your audience stays with you in your presentation

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