Strap yourself in for episode eighty-three of The Presentation Boss Podcast. Today on the show we have a guest and all round cool dude from Canberra, Chris Huet. If you could imagine a Venn diagram where ‘fighter pilot’, ‘poet’, and ‘communication consultant’ all overlap, then you’ve got a good idea where Chris lives. Kate and Thomas have known Chris for some time and followed his content which is always valuable. He even appeared in their live storytelling show!

And of course he is bringing a load of value to another conversation. His direct answers don’t stray too far from entertaining and gripping too. We cover the use of creative language, analysing audiences and lessons learned from a career in aviation and how those apply to public speaking.

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About Our Guest

Chris Huet is a communications coach with over thirty years’ experience in public and private sector leadership and technical and creative communication. He draws on practical knowledge and the latest research to help leaders speak more effectively.

He believes that everyone can be confident speaking in front an audience. We can all improve the way we connect with other people and get our messages heard.

Chris has led a fighter jet squadron, negotiated billion-dollar contracts and performed his poetry on stages around the world. As well as being a fighter pilot, successful consultant and business development manager, he is an award-winning spoken word artist and two-time TEDx presenter.

His unique combination of experience with technical, business and creative communication has taught him the power of words in all their forms to inform, excite and persuade others.

What You’ll Learn

• The biggest roadblocks to effective communication, and what you can do about them

• How the rhythm and word choice of poetry makes it so emotionally powerful

• Exactly how you can use poetic devices to make your presentations more memorable

• Where to draw the line between too abstract and attractive language

• Why knowing your audience should change your language choices, and how

• The one time Chris came close to losing his life in the air, and what he learned that day.

Mentioned In The Show

Chris Huet on LinkedIn

• Chris’ consulting website: Understood Consulting Services

Crucial Conversations: Tools for Talking When Stakes Are High by Patterson, Grenny, McMillan, and Switzler

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