It’s another big one in episode eighty-two of The Presentation Boss Podcast. Thirteen years ago the late Steve Jobs introduced the world to a revolutionary new product, the iPhone at MacWorld in January 2007. In an 80-minute keynote he presented some of the most iconic techniques and skills in the speaking word, and the product launch world.

We’ve made reference to this talk in a few recent episodes, and it has been requested a few times too. Time for a speech breakdown right here! As usual, Thomas has seen the talk before, and you’ll hear the speech for the first time with Kate. From a full-length keynote, we take a look at just the first 15 minutes and extract so many fantastic skills and clever strategies employed by Apple’s biggest launch.

And total disclaimer, both Kate and Thomas are android users (but also not apple haters)!

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What You’ll Learn
• The benefits (and risks) of expressing emotion in your opening sentence

• What to do when you make a mistake or stumble over your words in a presentation

• A non-intrusive method for sharing company history and your personal credibility

• Using lists in the ideal order to build interest and tension
• How to allow your audience to make discoveries for themselves
• Choosing between holding physical props, or slides to display key visuals
• Avoiding technical detail, and knowing what your audience needs to hear

• The power of the issue/solution contrast structure

• Where metaphor can help to anchor ideas in the minds of your audience

• Like, a zillion other beautiful techniques.

Watch It Yourself:

Steve Jobs at MacWorld 2007 | Introducing the iPhone

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