Time to sit down and listen in to episode seventy-nine of The Presentation Boss Podcast. In this breakdown, we tackle something a little bit different. This talk was suggested to us by a listener and we’ve hesitated to have this detailed look at it for months. It is an acted marketing piece for a UK organisation which made Thomas feel inauthentic about it, but as Kate rightly mentions, the scripting and performance is still full of great lessons.

It should be said, Kate and Thomas do get into some detailed discussion around the legitimacy of this talk, but do also address the merits of it’s information delivery, persuasive content and still some techniques they’d otherwise avoid.

Remember to write to us and let us know what you think of this talk! But do have a listen and learn a little more from this persuasive talk and our thoughts on it!

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What You’ll Learn
• The difference in expectation around an actor delivering a presentation

• How to make your structure super clear by roadmapping the entire talk

• What adding humour can achieve, even if in super small doses

• The importance of simple visuals, and juxtaposed imagery

• Why you should make your audience feel emotion, rather than demand emotion

• The power of dissonance to create discomfort, leading to the audience listening even more closely

• A stand-up comedy technique you can use in persuasion to build tension

• Exactly how to use signposting to keep your key points clearly delineated

• The benefits, and the dangers of using repetition in a presentation

Watch It Yourself:

CiWF | The Secrets of Food Marketing

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