This should be memorable; episode seventy-six of The Presentation Boss Podcast. In January Thomas had the pleasure of coaching Anthony Metivier here in Brisbane for a TEDx Talk to be delivered in Melbourne. It was a fun process (that might be outlined in a future discussion episode) that resulted in the talk that Kate and Thomas are going to break down on the show here.

Before we do, Thomas recorded a conversation with Anthony about the process of getting ready for, and finally delivering an actual TEDx Talk. Maybe it’s on your bucket list too? He is known colloquially as ‘the memory guy’ and in this talk, walks us through the process he used to save his mental health and keep it in control to this day. It’s a bit less hard-data-and-science- than our usual, but the skills, competence and techniques are still on display. So, listen in for this interview and breakdown!

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What You’ll Learn
• Exactly what it’s like to be coached by Thomas for a TEDx Talk

• The process to refine and distill many thoughts and concepts into a single presentation

• How to internalise a speech by getting physical

• What it feels like to open a presentation with a question

• When pauses can create great contrast and comprehension in communication

• Where a single visual could be helpful to aid recognition of a concept

• The importance of the process to put together an effective talk, regardless of content

• Being mindful of clothing to stand out from the speaking area’s background

Mentioned In The Show

Dr. Anthony Metivier | “Two Easily Remembered Questions That Silence Negative Thoughts”

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