It’s numbers and narrative on episode seventy-five of The Presentation Boss Podcast. Numbers don’t make sense outside of the context of the story they tell. And while we may have access to the best, newest and fanciest graphing software on the planet, the best graphs still need to be presented properly. Even the best graphs unfortunately don’t speak for themselves.

And Data Storytelling is a bit of a confusing term, we know. However, Kate is a data analyst (and has worked as one for many, many years) so understand exactly how we can use a three-stage structure to bring our data to life; to encourage emotional investment, to control what our audience is looking at, and what they understand. Add in Thomas’ expert advice about how to leverage some PowerPoint hacks to make that happen and today you’re listening to the ultimate guide on bringing your data presentation to life!

No more presenting your data without recommendation or without conveying the context that you deeply understand. Let’s get clear on the story your data tells, let’s get it smoothly visualised and take your next presentation from adequate to awesome!

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