It’s a big moment for episode seventy-three of The Presentation Boss Podcast. When Kate and Thomas first planned out the speech breakdown format, this was the first talk Thomas added to the list. Sir Ken Robinson’s famous TED Talk was only the sixth ever uploaded to the TED website and has since become the single most-watched TED Talk of all time. And, in so many ways it is brilliant and worthy of being so dang popular.

Sadly, Sir Ken Robinson passed away in August 2020. And while Presentation Boss hesitated to tackle such a massive speech, to honour his passing, in this episode we break down this iconic talk. It is a masterclass in storytelling and humour to deliver a heavily-relatable message. Oddly, in a few ways, this speech is an example of how breaking the usual rules in the right way can have such a massive impact. And while it is a snapshot of a time before the smartphone and the popularity of TED Talks, join us to celebrate this fantastic example of what speaking can be!

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What You’ll Learn
• Why is can be powerful to acknowledge previous speakers from a conference

• The use of thinking noises such as ‘um’

• How careful crafting of stories keeps them fast and easy to understand

• A tactic for laughing at your own jokes and how it gives permission to your audience

• Using humour, so the audience is listening intently when a key message is delivered

• Benefits of standing in a single place and delivering outstanding content over showmanship

• Exactly why this is the most watched TED Talk of all time (hint: because it’s relatable)

Mentioned In The Show

Sir Ken Robinson | “Do schools kill creativity”

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