Grab a notepad for episode seventy-two of The Presentation Boss Podcast! To follow on from our last discussion episode, where we discussed the software options for slide design and presentation, this week Kate and Thomas talk about the non-electronic and physical alternatives to slides. We know there is a lot of tiredness around slide use (especially poor slide use) so here we cover the five best un-slide visuals available to you!

Kate and Thomas discuss these five options, their perks, their drawbacks and of course, which they each recommend! Most of these should be available to you without too much drama, but we make sure we share what we know in case there’s options or ways of using them that you didn’t know about before!

The Options We Discuss:

• Whiteboards; flexible and simple

• Flipcharts; can be prepared or spontaneous

• Handouts; require preparation, but handy for the audience

• Props; physical and tactile

• Nothing at all; the simplest option!

Some TED Talks That Use Props Well:

Cardboard boxes: Hans Rosling | Religions and babies

Paper towels: Joe Smith | How to use a paper towel

Mosquitos: Bill Gates | Mosquitos, malaria and education

A drone: Markus Fischer | A robot that flies like a bird

A human brain: Jill Bolte Taylor | My stroke of insight

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