Grab a shovel for episode seventy of The Presentation Boss Podcast. Today we’re going hunting for actual dinosaurs and along the way will learn about the science and maths of evolution and the morality of our ecosystem. In this breakdown, Thomas selected this Talk from the TED Talks Daily podcast and we play it for you while we make comment along the way about what works so well in this speech.

Not only will you meet the recently discovered ‘Dreadnoughtus’, but will hear the beautifully scripted speech presented here. Kate and Thomas discuss the speech patterns, the use of visuals and the literary genius of this engaging talk. It’s a fascinating speech, well crafted and with loads to learn about presentation skills.

What You’ll Learn
• A ‘through the front door’ approach to introducing the structure for your presentation

• Building curiosity by asking questions of your audience; even if they’ve never considered them before
• The power of simplicity, even in otherwise complex topics

• Use of metaphor and anchoring in your presentation to crystallise ideas

• How a well crafted script, and careful preparation can sound when done brilliantly
• Why you should show your passion and love in presentations

• Using PowerPoint and imagery to provide context and backdrop to your topic

• Imagery animations to add visual interest

• An easy and simple way to add humour and lightness to presentations

• Being aware of repetitive speaking patterns and ensuring it doesn’t become distracting

• The ‘sudden stop’ speaking technique for contrast and intensity

Mentioned In The Show

Kenneth Lacovara | “Hunting for dinosaurs showed me our place in the universe”

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