Grab a friend for episode sixty-nine of The Presentation Boss Podcast! We know there is a lot of tiredness around poor slide use. Unfortunately use of presentation software it is not taught as standard on any scale. And with PowerPoint being the ubiquitous term, there is always someone, somewhere thinking about how to avoid ‘Death by PowerPoint’. And often, the answer can be to move to another app, program or software to help ease that pain.

At Presentation Boss, we see five big players in the presentation software world. These five hold either a big market share, or are often cited as good alternatives to the usual PowerPoint. In this episode we discuss the options, our experience with them, their features/benefits and where they each fall down.

Plus, at the end Thomas outlines exactly which he recommends and why. Spoiler alert: again we will point towards planning and designing above software choice! But, there are options, some are better at some things, so let’s talk about that! And next week, we’ll discuss all the non-electronic alternatives to slides!

The Options We Discuss:


Apple Keynote

Google Slides

Canva Presentations

Microsoft PowerPoint

Our Ratings for Each Software/App:

• Prezi: Ease of use, low. Features/flexibility, medium. Looks good, high.

• Keynote: Ease of use, high (for Mac users). Features/flexibility, high. Looks good, medium.

• Google Slides: Ease of use, medium. Features/flexibility, medium. Looks good, medium.

• Canva: Ease of use, high. Features/flexibility, medium. Looks good, high.

• PowerPoint: Ease of use, high. Features/flexibility, high. Looks good, high

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