Step into episode sixty-eight of The Presentation Boss Podcast. Life’s a pitch. And today’s guest knows a thing or two about the art and science of the successful pitch. Sure, we’ve all seen the TV shows, trying to secure squillions of investment for a new business. But Colin Kinner reminds us that we are always pitching ideas. Whether we’re in sales, in a family or in a corporate team. Heck, you may even be pitching your side-hustle business!

Kate and Thomas have a great conversation with Colin who specialises not just in this aspect of entrepreneurship but also has a deep understanding of presentations too. They all learn something from this episode from practice techniques, to neuroscience and how direct we should be asking for what we want. If you ever need to share your ideas, don’t miss this episode!

About Our Guest

Colin Kinner is the founder and CEO of Startup Onramp, a training and mentoring program for startup founders. Over the last fifteen years he has worked with over 300 startup teams, helping them to launch and grow globally scalable companies. He is a regular speaker on the topic of high-impact entrepreneurship, and has advised corporates and governments on entrepreneurship and innovation programs.

Colin is also an experienced educator. He has trained hundreds of emerging entrepreneurs and is a strong believer that delivering convincing presentations is a skill anyone can learn. In his work with startups, Colin focuses on creating compelling pitches, ensuring that founders can communicate their company’s value proposition to customers, investors, employees and the media.

What You’ll Learn

• What exactly is a pitch; and how is it designed to persuade

• Where the pitch for an idea exists within a conversation

• How to ask yourself the right questions to put together your best pitch

• The main purpose and structure of a pitch

• Exactly what Colin believes makes the difference between an average and an awesome pitch

• A brilliant rehearsal method to ensure you internalise what you want to communicate

• The differences in proposals depending on culture, and what we can learn from others

• Some neuroscience around internal BS detectors and navigating your truth

• The power of showing your presentation to lookalike audiences, and what you should get from them

Mentioned In The Show

• Colin Kinner’s Startup Onramp

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