Five presentation designers and co-hosts are in your ears for episode sixty-seven of The Presentation Boss Podcast. We’ve got a collaboration episode today, where Kate and Thomas joined up with the three co-hosts from The Presentation Podcast. Yes, the similarity in names is half coincidence, and half telling that we are all about relatively similar things.

Troy Chollar, Sandra (Sandy) Johnson and Nolan Haims are each PowerPoint MVP’s and each run their own successful presentation design studios. Their podcast (one of Thomas’ absolute favourites) is a fortnightly show with discussions revolving around all aspects of presentations, including design, technology and sometimes, guest specials.

The five of us decided we could have a lengthy conversation about our journeys through the industry and with our podcasts. The episode will be released on each of our podcasts, so if you’re subscribed to us both, that’s why you’ll hear something similar. For regular viewers here, this is a little bit of a different format and we hope you love it just as much!

About The Presentation Podcast:

The Presentation Podcast is a conversation among presentation design studio owners (across the USA) about presentation design, tools, tips, running a design studio and more. New episodes release on the first and third Tuesday of each month.

What We Discuss:

• The upcoming virtual Presentation Summit

• Origin stories of how each group met and why we started our respective podcasts

• Specific niches and specialisations of each co-host (and yes, we’re each different!)

• Why this podcast rotates through the three formats

• What benefits we each get out of the podcast experience (and some behind the scenes on individual roles)

And we do talk about presentations, specifically:

• The software we find is being most used and that we most work with (PowerPoint, Prezi, Keynote, Google Slides or Canva)
• Professional and Tech tips from each presenter (all links below)

Mentioned in the Show:

Episode 107 of The Presentation Podcast

Troy Chollar (California):
TLC Creative Services

The PowerPoint Blog

Nolan Haims (New Jersey):
Present Your Story Blog

Nolan Haims Creative

Sandy Johnson (Minnesota):

Presentation Wiz

The Presentation Guild

Pro/Tech Tips:

Troy: Synchronise App

Sandy: Mmhmm App

Thomas: Phil M Jones – Exactly What to Say

Kate: Headliner App

Nolan: Hannah Gadsby – Douglas

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