Time to walk and listen to episode sixty-six of The Presentation Boss Podcast. No really, if you’re not walking/jogging/running while listening to this episode, I can’t guarantee that you won’t feel bad by the end. We’re doing a speech breakdown where we play a talk from the internet and pause it to make comment about the presentation skills on display.

In this weeks episode, we have another suggestion from our friend and previous guest, Tamsen Webster. This talk by Nilofer Merchant is both a classic we had forgotten about, and a brilliant example of sharing a simple idea in just three minutes. We discuss the clever tactics used by the presenter, but also discuss if maybe it should have been longer. Lots to learn and maybe a life and habit-changing idea coming your way in this super short episode!

What You’ll Learn
• Choosing the right statement or fact to open a presentation with impact

• The power of comparison between your topic and a known habit

• Why data and information might not be important, and how to address that information

• How to use pace to add contrast and emphasise pertinent points of the talk

• Why you should rehearse a presentation in front of your intended audience or similar

• Whether a super-short presentation is adequate to communicate an idea, or if it’s more a conversation starter

• Making persuasion powerful using elements that are important to your audience

• Awareness of shadows that hair, hats etc. can cast on your face, depending on venue lighting.

Mentioned In The Show

Nilofer Merchant | “Got a meeting? Take a walk!”

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