Join us for episode sixty-five of The Presentation Boss Podcast! We work a whole lot with tech-based teams. Accounting, IT, engineering, academia, data analysts.. the type of deep thinkers who have a massive amount of knowledge and understanding in their topics. But can struggle to get that important information out of their mind. Especially when they are labelled as boring or involved with dry, boring information.

Kate and Thomas don’t believe any subject worth talking about is boring, dry or not worthy of communicating. Let us walk you through five of the key aspects and philosophies we use with our clients to ensure they communicate their topic of brilliance (no matter the label) in an engaging and effective way.

Mentioned in the show:

• Previous episode: “Talk Nerdy to Me

What you’ll learn in this episode:

• The five key ways to boost your presentation of even the most seemingly boring content

• Making sure that your audience does care about what you have to say

• Using simple stories to preface hard data and information

• Building a solid introduction to generate initial interest

• Why you should leverage the Social Curiosity Driver as a presentation skill

• Breaking through the stereotypes and fallacies around your topic and industry

• Adding personality, humour and entertainment into your next presentation

• The value of simplifying your language and discourse

• How to create an anchor or metaphor to springboard your audience’s understanding

• Whether you should get your audience a bit more involved in your presentation as a conversation.

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