Howdy! It’s episode sixty-three of The Presentation Boss Podcast. We love hearing constantly how much you guys love our speech breakdowns. Just two weeks ago you heard us talk about the completeness and accessibility of TED Talks with Tamsen Webster. And after our recording, she suggested we take a look at this talk.

We love short, concise, thoughtful speeches and this one clocks in at under five minutes! So, a shorter episode this time. However, not only is it a great example of speaking, especially the Plan, Design, Deliver model, but it’s also full of suggestions about how to present technical information to non-tech audiences. We’re aware how meta this feels.

What You’ll Learn
• Starting a speech with context in storytelling
• Being conscious of using positive, non-derogatory words to describe stereotypes

• Relating a problem to an entire audience, rather than a select few
• How your rate of speech and pause need to match and consider the audience.

• Using PowerPoint to be visual and novel in explaining your message

• How to use the three-point presentation structure

Mentioned In The Show

Melissa Marshall | “Talk Nerdy to Me”

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