We’re tackling the big issues in episode sixty-two of The Presentation Boss Podcast! Confidence in presentations and feeling authentic!

You know what confidence feels like. The idea that you can do a task and do it well. And speaking in any capacity is the skill more than any other that people have no confidence in doing themselves. So we talk about exactly what confidence means when presenting, as well as exactly how to go about building that true, internal confidence for yourself.

Then, authenticity. It’s the second-most desirable trait of ourselves when we speak (right behind confidence). The idea that we are giving an accurate, true and non-artificial representation of ourselves. Kate and Thomas talk about what authenticity means (and more importantly, what it doesn’t mean), how it affects speaking and of course, the best way for you to be an authentic speaker.

Strap in, while we discuss these two powerful words. We share with you the same thoughts we share with our clients when they ask us to help them be more confident and more authentic.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

• What leads to confidence and its two key components

• How and why confidence is different to self-esteem

• The dilemma of starting a new skill and being seen to be starting

• Exactly how to get started building your confidence as a speaker

• What authenticity means for you as a speaker

• The excuses and mis-interpretations of authenticity

• How authenticity gives a reflection of who you are, rather than your most transparent emotions

• Exactly what you can do to ensure you present authentically

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