On episode fifty-eight of The Presentation Boss Podcast, we are joined by the world’s number one presentation performance coach and co-founder of Heroic Public Speaking in New Jersey. Both Thomas and Kate have listened to hours of him in audiobooks, podcasts and speeches and had added him high up on the ‘one-day wish-list’ of guests. They didn’t expect to have him on the show so soon!

But he was happy to join us when we reached out and the recording session went by quickly. Michael has a lot to share and gives much detail and example around authenticity, rehearsal and the art of public speaking. So join us for this recording between Presentation Boss’ Kate and Thomas and the worlds number one presentation performance coach!

About Our Guest
25 years ago, Michael Port earned his MFA in acting from NYU before working in TV, film, and theater. Now, at the Heroic Public Speaking Headquarters in NJ and for organizations around the world, he teaches non-actors what actors know about how to give better performances both onstage and off. Michael is the author of eight books including Book Yourself Solid and Steal the Show. They’ve been translated into 29 languages and been on the bestseller lists of the NY Times and Wall Street Journal among others. Clients include Disney, Best Buy, Guardian, Navy Seals, FBI agents, Astronauts and thousands of others who care deeply about making a difference in the world.

What You’ll Learn

• How Michael transitioned from the world of acting into the world of speaking and then into coaching

• The importance of proper rehearsal and what happens when you don’t rehearse for a presentation properly

• Whether it makes sense to aim for authentic, natural or performative when speaking

• His one piece of advice to anyone starting to speak as part of their job or career

Mentioned In The Show

• Michael Port’s Website: Heroic Public Speaking

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