Hello bosses, it’s episode fifty-six of The Presentation Boss Podcast! We all know that every human and their brain is effectively diluted water transmitting tiny amounts of electricity, flavoured with a few hormones. We can easily forget that other people think differently. One of the greatest mistakes we can make when communicating is to assume that others think the same way we think.

But, there are trends that are common to most of us. They’re called ‘cognitive biases’. Some of these prevent us from performing well, especially during presentations. But we can acknowledge, deal with and overcome those cognitive biases. Today Kate and Thomas discuss the three cognitive biases (or, psychological phenomena) that they see most commonly affect presenters in a negative sense, plus how to overcome them.

What You’ll Hear About:

2:59 – The Curse of Knowledge – this is why we see so many presentations that are a complex maze of content, detail and often, death by PowerPoint.

10:56 – The Illusion of Transparency – this explains why when we feel nervous, we tend to get caught in a spiral of panicking about what the audience must think.

15:18 – Imposter Syndrome – this details why we sometimes feel like we shouldn’t be the expert or how we compare ourselves to peers and superiors.

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