We’re having a chat for episode fifty-five of The Presentation Boss Podcast. Today we have on the show the very first presentation skills coach that Kate ever had as a mentor. Gerald is a unique individual with a presence both as a presentation coach, a successful YouTube series and his expertise of defusing dangerous and hostile situations. All that gets brought together today in this show that will be super beneficial to anyone giving presentations or facilitating workshops.

Not to mention he’s also not afraid to have a laugh, follow a tangent and generally have a good time. He also manages to make Kate and Thomas slightly uncomfortable and as promised, push buttons. As a result of this deep conversation, we have a little bit longer episode than normal, with all the good stuff left in. Pull up a chair, headphones and listen in to another communication expert.

About Our Guest
Gerald Pauschmann is the guy who will push your buttons to ensure you only get told the facts about how people behave under extremely stressfull situations. He has delivered dynamic presentations to the corporate world, in countries including the United States of America, Canada, Fiji, New Zealand, PNG, Honiara and Malaysia. In the past five years, he has been the guest speaker at 60 national conferences and specialises in providing an understanding of human behaviour in the business context.

What You’ll Learn

• How and where Gerald and Kate started their speaking careers

• The psychology and motivation of disruptive audience members

• Exactly how Gerald recommends defusing difficult audiences before things get bad

• Concentration habits of listeners you ought to be aware of
• Similarities between dealing with children, and dealing with adults

• The power of using questions
• Considerations for the opening of your presentation

Mentioned In The Show

• Find Gerald online

• Gerald’s cider skit video

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