It’s time to celebrate with episode fifty-three of The Presentation Boss Podcast! It has been one year since our very first episode on 1 May 2019 which means this is our first birthday. So, grab a beverage of your choice, a slice of cake and your notepad, then join us for a little bit of a party and another discussion between Kate and Thomas. We do promise to help you plan, design and deliver your best presentation, so in this episode we cover exactly what is in each of those elements.

For each of the steps we cover in this episode, we have done a deep dive episode previously, so be sure to check those out for more details. This is the exact process we use in our workshops and when we’re coaching individuals how to communicate even the most complex ideas to their audience.

What We Cover + Deep Dive Episodes

PLAN: Identifying your audience, refining your message and building the structure for your presentation

44. How to Define Your Audience and Refine Your Message

15. The Simple Structure for Almost Every Presentation

DESIGN: How to best create visuals and slides for your presentation, plus the considerations for your data visualisation.

09. Amazon Has banned PowerPoint. Here’s What We Think About That Decision.

41. Pimp My Slide: Small Tips for Big Changes

38. How To Choose The Right Chart For Your Data Visualisation

DELIVER: The aspects of physical delivery, how to properly rehearse your presentation and your pre-start routine.

24. How To Rehearse Properly For Your Next Presentation

06. Five Actionable Steps to Reduce Nervousness When Speaking

30. How to Effectively Use PowerPoint in Your Presentation

33. Seven Things To Not Do When Presenting

Also Mentioned in the Show

48. Speech Breakdown: TED Talk by Bill Gates “The next outbreak? We’re not ready”

01: The 6 Key Elements of Public Speaking

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