In episode fifty-one of The Presentation Boss Podcast Kate and Thomas do another break down of a speech! Again they’re looking at a TED Talk, this one Thomas heard on the TED Talks Daily Podcast. It is a valuable tool to listen to other presentations and think carefully about what other presenters do that you like and can emulate, or that you don’t like and can leave alone.

This talk covers a lot of content and we discover a great, short message tucked into this longer TED Talk. Kate and Thomas pause as the talk plays to uncover the presentation skills and techniques that are brilliant but also make pause about some actions that they feel aren’t the most powerful use of time, words or physical delivery. This is though, an insightful talk about discovery of the story of human evolution from an expert in her field.

What You’ll Learn
• One of the three strongest ways to open a speech; with a short story

• How stance and posture can indicate tone and confidence of a presenter

• A powerful use of PowerPoint slides to help reduce length of the speech but increasing audience comprehension

• Why we need to make careful decisions about what to include and what to exclude from a presentation

• Getting to the point of what you want to say

• The emotional power of sharing personal stories

• Being careful of assumed knowledge

• Understanding what type of humour fits into your presentations

• Whether or not to place your audience in your stories

Mentioned In The Show
• Ella Al-Shamahi | The fascinating (and dangerous) places scientists aren’t exploring

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