Episode fifty of The Presentation Boss Podcast is set for launch! The big five-oh! We’re pretty excited to reach this milestone and while we had planned a special episode here, we felt that it was far more important to share the tools most needed at this time. We’re in the middle of the greatest ‘working from home’ experiment and aware the skills needed to effectively facilitate online are suddenly needed.

Kate and Thomas have been presenting online and building the skills for years, so we want to share what we know to be true when it comes to getting started with keeping control and direction of online meetings. With remote staff, it’s important to stay in touch and maintain as much normalcy as possible. Today we cover 6 key topics that you can implement for effective online meetings.

What We Cover

2:36 – Setting intent and creating an agenda for your meeting

4:52 – Setting up your environment for success and authority

8:06 – Holding control and setting the expectations of participants

14:20 – Voice and body language considerations through a webcam

16:11 – Injecting interaction into your meetings for increased engagement and attention

17:25 – Quick, easy and effective slide design for use during a meeting

20:54 – Where to go for some more support with implementation of online meeting facilitation skills

Mentioned in the Show

• Our ongoing free webinars on How to Maintain Control in Effective Online Meetings

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