Folks, it’s episode forty-six of The Presentation Boss Podcast! We nearly always gets questions about how to best present to camera. What should you know about videoing yourself for the purpose of Facebook or LinkedIn lives, webinars, online courses, videos for your website or even videos to send to your network and contacts.

In this episode we share exactly what the differences are when it comes to giving a presentation through a camera or webcam. We cover topics such as how to engage your audience, how to look and feel great in front of the camera, tricks for when the camera is rolling, how to constantly improve your videos and the equipment you need to get started.

What You’ll Learn

• Why you’d choose to create videos

• How to engage your audiences attention

• The presentation skills that directly apply to presenting on camera

• How to decide where you should shoot your videos

• What you should wear on camera to appear professional

• The five on-camera tricks to ensure you look and feel confident and in control

• The simple equipment you need to get started (spoiler: you already have it all)

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• Episode 11: Smartphone Videos for Your Business with Julian Mather

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