Episode forty-five of The Presentation Boss Podcast has landed! This time Kate chose a TED Talk for us to break down. This example is all about how you can control and apply your practical skills to unleash your creativity in whichever form you want. The content alone appealed to both Thomas and Kate.

The speaker is a writer, so has excellent understanding of clarity of message, logical structure and conviction. Listen in as we play the talk and pause whenever we feel there’s a lesson to be learned about presentation skills as Jane Harper makes the example.

What You’ll Learn
• The huge family excitement in Kate’s world!

• Opening your presentation with a question, or a list of questions

• Why pause is extremely powerful to the presenter and extremely helpful for the audience

• The engagement that can be gained by announcing your audience’ internal dialogue

• How to signpost the structure of your talk to help your audience not get lost

• Being aware of jargon, or at least, technical language

• Why we should be aware of how we sound, both in our voice and through the microphone

• The importance of making decisions about what to not include in your presentation

Mentioned In The Show
• TED Talk by Jane Harper | Creativity in Your Control

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