Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to episode forty-four of The Presentation Boss Podcast! In this episode we do a deep dive into the question ‘what is the difference between a bad talk and a good talk’. We strongly believe that while many folk focus on the delivery, that the success of a presentation comes in the delivery.

In this episode we look at the very first steps that will provide the greatest clarity to the presenter and the audience. Those two steps of analysing your audience, then articulating and refining your one key message. Kate and Thomas talk through exactly how you should go about this process.

What You’ll Learn

• Why clarity is the most important aspect of any presentation

• The questions to ask so you have a solid idea of your intended audience

• How to distil your big ideas and topic into a single message

• The question to ask to refine your message and make sure it is right

• That you can download our Audience Definer and Message Refiner worksheets from our website!

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